God calls us to be connected to one another in Christ across all barriers, responding with service to and with the neediest in the name of Jesus. Through mission and partnership visits, we cultivate a holistic relationship with the Family of Reformed Churches in the world. We function as a bridge to connect the IENPG (Evangelical National Presbyterian Church of Guatemala) and other reformed churches.

PRESGOV seeks to be a program that coordination, accompaniment, service and administration on behalf of all the churches of the IENPG. We are a ministry called to proclaim the kingdom of god in Jesus Christ, with hospitality and service to the groups and volunteers that visit us. To cultivate vital relationships within the family of Reformed Churches throughout the world, that might serve as a bridge to unite the National Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Guatemala (IENPG) with other Reformed Churches.

To be a program that offers coordination, accompaniment, mission service and administration to the benefit of all the churches of the IENPG.

We are a program of the IENPG, called to proclaim God’s realm by providing support and service opportunities to visiting groups and volunteers.