What kind of trips does PRESGOV offer?
In general, the focus of these trips is the development of awareness of the reality of life in Guatemala, through contact with Gutamalans in their communities and churches. PRESGOV staff will help in the process of identifying communities to visit according to the mission objectives of each group. Included in the itineraries are opportunities to join together for work, dialogue, meals, recreation, devotions and worship. Often there are work projects or ministry programs in which partners are able to collaborate in addressing needs of the churches and communities. These prjects are planned in light of requests from partners, and designed jointly by all partners. Usually the visiting groups help with project costs. Our hope is that visits will develop into longer-term partnerships, allowing a way to deepen relationships between people and churches. PRESGOD staff can help in forming a covenant between partner churches.

PRESGOV provides all your logistics. We meet delegations at the airport, as well as return them to the airport and assist with their departure;
Provide transportation with professional and experienced drivers and insured, safe, well-equipped vehicles;
Make all the necessary hotel and meal arrangements for the delegation;
Provide orientation and information to assist in the preparation of groups;
Help plan and structure daily activities, community and program visits, educational opportunities and times for reflection and planning, provide translation, when needed.

How many people can PRESGOV receive in one group?

We can receive any size group.

How much will the trip cost?
Payment to Presgov: PRESGOV charges are $90 (not including airfare to Guatemala) per person, per day to cover both the direct and indirect cost of PRESGOV program. The direct costs covered by PRESGOV include vehicle, fuel, lodging, food, program and educational activities, and other trip-related expenses. The indirect costs include costs of vehicles and maintainence of equipment, staff salaries, insurance, and office and communication systems. We ask that funds needed to cover the cost of your visit be received by us at least one month before your arrival date.

There is also an option for Presgov to provide only transportation, and your group to make all the plans with your partner. If you’re interested in that option, be in touch with us.

Project funds, if your group will be participating in a work project. Amounts depend on the nature of the work project, and can be discussed with Presgov staff. These funds should be received at least six weeks in advance of your arrival, so that materials may be purchased and the site may be prepared before you come. 5% of this project payment will go to support the structure of the National Guatemalan Presbyterian Church.

What orientation should we provide for our group before the trip?
We strongly recommend that the members meet at least four times prior to leaving for Guatemala, and that significant understanding concerning Guatemala, partnership, mission and social justice be explored.

What documents and information should I gather from the group?
PRESGOV needs the following information from your group at least several weeks before you depart for Guatemala (much of which should be included in the registration form):

• Flight schedules, including flight number and date and time of arrival and departure
• Names of participants.
• Number of men and women and couples
• Any dietary restrictions, such as vegetarians
• Will you be bringing extra luggage other than personal luggage (for example, if you’re bringing supplies for your Guatemalan partner)? If so, how much?
• U.S. citizens traveling to Guatemala who wish to register with the U.S. Embassy or Consulate may do so directly through the Department of State’s travel registration website at
• You should pass out and collect the following information:
• Suggest that each visitor visits a travel clinic for vaccinations – usually Hepatitis A and Typhoid are recommended for travel to Guatemala.
• Create a phone tree and/or put one person in charge of emailing all the families of participants, so that upon arriving in Guatemala, we can make just one phone call or send one email to let all the families know that the group arrived safely;
• A photocopy of all participants’ passports to keep in together in a safe place during the trip. (In addition, each participant should have a copy of his or her passport with him or her at all times during the trip);
• Collect information on blood type, prescription medications taken, allergies, etc from each participant in case of emergency during the trip;
• Create a Liability Release Form for each participant to sign.

How can we send those funds to Presgov?
Funds should be received by Presgov one month before your arrival.
Account Number: 3-624-01348-0.
Account Name: I.E.N.P.G/PRESGOV
Address and telephone: PRESGOV Colonia Manuel de Jesus II, Zona 4, Salida a Champerico, Retalhuleu, Retalhuleu
Guatemala, Centro América
Tel.: (502) 4192-2554

What should we know about insurance for the trip?
If yours is a Presbytery, Synod or General Assembly-sponsored delegation, risk management insurance is available. This is limited “Life and Limb” coverage – not health/accident coverage. You can also look into other forms of travel insurance.